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About me:
   Peace & Love   

I'm old ragged hippy. I was born in horoscop sign of Pisces (Fish), before in Sibenik, DALMATIA, Croatia, Europe. It was time of president Josip Broz - Tito and Pope John XXIII.
I am Bodulac (Islander)! My mum (maiden name - Zafranović) is from Prvić Island and my daddy is from Krapanj Island.
My IQ is very high. I can read and write from 4th year of my life. My school time was passed in waiting for school's bells. I was very strong in physics and mathematics. I am man of honor!!
Familly of my father was navigators and family of my mother was shipbuilders. My grandfather was "Hero of Socialistic work"! I was finished 5 seminars in IBM school in Radovljica, Slovenia. When i finished high school for electrotehnic, i get job. First as a guard, and later in computer center. My job was operator, first operator and system programer.
But life is strange, after 11 years things changed, I got a physical condition called Spondylitis Ancilosans, which forced me to retire earlier. This allowed me to fully work online to build my own business and a steady income source. I am in Internet Marketing for last .
So, I must work in internet marketing to cover living cost! At begin I try to find a way to work from home. So I studied internet marketing until I knew them like the back of my hand. And here I am now with my main source of incoming!
I am divorced and have son old. I am anti-fascist and I respect Croatian Partisans and all anti-fascist warriors. Two streets is named by members of my fammily!
When i was young i was bass guitar player. Also i was radioamateur - telegraphist and photograph amateur.
In free time i listen music and learn about Linux.

My message: Dear ladies and respectful gentlemen, thank You for visit my website! Do something for a better world, and also for pensioners and invalids! Help the poor and charitable! All people are born equal! Arrogance is a lethal sin!! Dear ladies, I kiss yours hands! Love Dalmatia, islands, ships, boats, sails, paddles and Adriatic sea!!!! Love donkeys! Use olive's oil! Drink quality Dalmatian wine!! Care about sea, forests, environment, nature, lakes, climate and air! Care about tradition of Your country! Be good human beings!! Be extremely honest and fair!! Respect parents and older! Do not be racist. Care about plants and animals. If you have no nice thing to say, better do not say nothing! Care about body and spirit. Use Linux! Be humble! Peace & Love forever!

Poverty is not shame of poor man, it is shame of state in wich he lives in! (Davor)
Poverty is the most brutal form of state terrorism! (Dr. Sci. Ernest Ezra Mandel)
Keeping people in misery and ignorance is the worst form of violence! (Mohandas Karamchad Gandhi - Mahatma)

But I did fuck the goverment by my job! ;-)


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