Compensation plan:
AIOP's compensation plan focuses on the Even Up reward system, where You generate revenue for each "odd member" while Your sponsor generates revenue for each "even" member, that is, each one of Your 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7. etc. Unlimited in width goes to You, while 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc. Unlimited in wide and depth goes to the sponsor.
Now You probably think that many of Your members go directly to the sponsor, but this is by no means the case, because each of Your personal others goes to Your sponsor through the width of the first line. If You are a sponsor then You get all odd members from unlimited depth. This system of profit, in any case, can be huge and can provide a great passive income.
AIOP company 100% of membership fee returns back to earnings, which means that each member with a basic BASIC package will bring You $ 10 of permanent, passive (residual) income every month. As previously mentioned, You are paid for each of Your direct line-up members for $ 10. The only condition is that each member has paid the basic BASIC membership.
As a BASIC member You get all the products listed above in the basic level plus You get $ 10 earnings from each Basic and each PRO member that is found in Your profit line.
As a PRO member, You receive all basic level products and an advanced plus $ 10 for each Basic, $ 15 for each PRO member and $ 3 for the Fast START Sponsor Bonus for each of Your direct PRO members! Fast Start Bonus You ALWAYS get You regardless of whether a member has been sent to a higher sponsor!
So, if some of Your even member You are forwarding opts for PRO membership, no matter what he goes to Your sponsor, You get $ 3 from him.
If You are wondering where owners earn money for their work, the answer is simple. They earn in the same way as all other members. They are the first sponsors and underneath is a whole team of co-workers.
True MAGIC begins when You are a sponsor. In that case, You retain all even members at unlimited depth. You reserve every single member of Your direct member. Each of these even members becomes Your fixed member and creates a new profit line from which You get each even member unlimited in depth.


Imagine You have 5 referals and every of them also have 5 referals. In table below You can see earnings only for 10 first levels. Remember, levels is unlimited!


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