I code websites of all types. Works are based on free templates mainly under the GNU / GPL license so they are not charged to the user. This site is based on one such template. I note that I do not do complicated specialist works. I also do not work with CMS systems such as WordPress, Jomlla and the like. For it, contact a professional web studio. I also do not re-edit existing pages that someone else has worked. If you will hire me, the work should start from scratch. The client is obliged to provide the domain and hosting of the web page and give me the data to connect to the server. In this job, I am fully prepared to help. The site can also be set up on a free server, but they are problematic and the service provider can deny the service without notice. Coding is paid in goods. By handing over to the client, my responsibility is terminated, and any additional work in the later period is also charged in goods. In the first presentation of the work, the client needs to provide a complete list of objections and suggestions that I will solve in accordance with my abilities and technology I own. Pampering in perpetual and constant revisions are not allowed!
I also work on other IT things that fall within my scope of operations such as various installations, programming, and the like. When installing, it is assumed that the user must have a completely legal product !! Please note that I am very weak in MicroSoft® technologies such as, for example, Windows ™!
Also, please note that I am on vacation on July and August, and in this period, I will only work in case of urgency. My working season starts in September, but not at the very beginning of the month.

You may see my works  HERE 


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